1172 Wildwood Road Yallingup

Cellar Door: +61 8 9755 2611

Restaurant: +61 8 9755 2899

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Lighter Options


6 Natural Australian oysters, pearls, ocean granita:20 (gf)

Pork and duck spring rolls, chilli caramel, spiced herbs 16

 Duck liver parfait, cauliflower pickles, garlic cronstini: 18

Salt & pepper soft shell mud crab, bao ban, kimchi slaw, siracha  22 (gf)

Augusta bronze, kolcsh beer batter, diamond chips, caper aioli: 21

 BBQ tequila prawns, cactus, corn salsa, avocado, crushed chilli: 24 (gf)

Plough-man's- pork pie, hard cheese, pickles, honeyed ham, bread crisps, confit tomato: 36

 Charcuterie - bresaola, prosciutto, pork croquettes, duck liver parfait, cauliflower pickle, house bread: 39

Vegan Meze - crumbed mushroom risi, marinated olives, house bread, artichoke & bean salad, sweet corn crostini, beetroot bark, colonial tofu: 36

Cheese - selection of local and international cheeses, bread crisps, challot pickles, apple, wine gel: 35








Rivendell  Trading Hours                                                           

Open 7 Days 9-4pm 

 Dinner Friday and Saturday from 6pm

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Rivendell Winery Restaurant

1172 Wildwood Road Yallingup WA 6282 


(08) 9755 2899

Cellar Door:

(08) 9755 2611 


(08) 9755 2988





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